Kardashians Sisters are now Jewelry Designers!

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The Kardashian sisters are now Jewelry designers. Their line called Virgins, Saints and Angels. I think that’s a cool new venture. You have to keep the money coming in!

Kim wrote on her blog about her new jewelry collection,

I am sooo excited to tell you guys about our jewelry collection! Kourt, Khloe and I have designed our own collection for Virgins Saints and Angels. The collection embraces our unique style…. Romantic, edgy, and classic vintage… of at least we hope so :). Our Armenian culture is very important to us and we tried to incorporate that in the jewelry also.

The collection comes out April 15 at boutiques including Blue Bee in Santa Barbara, Sparkle Fred Segal and Nordstrom but it will premiering at Project 2010 in February next year! So excited!

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