Tila Tequila to sue her Ex, Shawne Merriman

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Tila Tequila sure has taken a long time to sue her Ex. We have learned alot from the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident. Just keep your hands off people! Learn to have self control. In the Tila case there was — he said, she said stories but still lets all keep our hands to ourselves!

According to TMZ,

Tila Tequila is letting her bruises do the talking in a lawsuit she just filed against her ex, NFL star Shawne Merriman.

Tila claims Shawne grabbed her, shook her like a rag doll, threw her down and choked her during an argument last September. Tila says the San Diego Chargers linebacker had a bad temper combined with a drug problem, and that he humiliated her because of her bi-sexuality.

In the lawsuit, Tila’s lawyer, Cyrus Nownejad, included a photo gallery (above) showing the disparity in height and weight (Tila — 4’11”, 93 lbs. Shawne — 6’4″, 280 lbs). The photos also show bruising on her arms, which Tila says is courtesy of Shawne.

The San Diego County D.A. declined to file criminal charges.

Tila’s suit — for assault, battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress — seeks unspecified damages.

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