Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Lonely Life!

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Kate Gosselin stopped by Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers this week and she talked about  her relationship with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, getting divorced and her current love life.

On ex-husband, Jon Gosslein,

“He basically lives his life and I live mine. It’s more peaceful. Probably not anything that I’m doing differently. Possibly he’s working now and so he feels like he’s living a regular life again and maybe a little happier with himself, so that boils down to peace between us. The kids are now okay going there. I feel like he’s trying again. That’s good. The bottom line is the kids come home basically happy and that’s all that matters.”

On getting divorce,

“The data on the parents of multiple children is bad…I watched you go through that…I’m sure you personally went through more pain then anyone looking would ever know.There is a lot of untold stories…I remember when the little kids turned five and I remember thinking, oh my gosh like 50% of multiple parents are divorced by the time their kids are five and then it happened…”

On her current love life,

“No. I’m too busy. I think a lot of my friends who are being constructive say ‘gosh, who are you going to meet that is going to be able to deal with eight kids?’ My answer is always if they can deal with eight kids in our situation it probably will be the person. It will sort of prove it. The odds are so against me, one mom and eight kids…so it would be great. I am lonely. I clean up the house, put kids to bed and there I sit. Ideally I would find that person…I don’t know if I feel ready for that.”

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