Kate Hudson Shows Off Killer Abs For Shape Mag

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Kate Hudson has some awesome abs and she has two kids which make them even sweeter. Kate showed off those abs for Shape Magazine and talked about the pressures of dieting. “It puts so much pressure on people to lose weight quickly. Getting healthy is not a two-week process, it’s a change of lifestyle. Taking the time to cook your own food and enjoying the process of feeding yourself can change your life.”

Dieting is rough and Kate now admits she’e been putting yoga and pilates to the side for exercise that is a little bit more sweaty! “I’ve been switching up from the softer stuff, like Pilates and yoga, to more aggressive activities like TRX and boxing. I really enjoy sweating it out, and it helps clear my mind. It’s not just about trying to look good physically, it’s important to get oxygen to my brain and feel like my blood is really circulating. I love skiing, walking, hiking, and especially riding my bike. It makes me feel like I’m a kid again!”

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