Katie Holmes Suing Star Magazine For $50 Million!

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Katie Holmes must not have like allegation of drug use on the cover of Star Magazine ( to tell you the truth I think I have looked like that photo …tired, hungry, exhausted!)Anyways Katie will be filing a lawsuit against the rag for $50 Million for libel!

According to PopEater,

Katie Holmes is no longer sitting idly as the tabloids write lies about her. The actress has reportedly filed a libel lawsuit seeking $50 million in damages from Star magazine after the weekly published a cover story that insinuated Holmes had a drug addiction, TMZ reports.

The cover photo shows Holmes looking tired and upset, with the tagline: “Addiction Nightmare: Katie Drug Shocker! The real reason she can’t leave Tom.” Inside the issue, the story does not say that Holmes uses drugs but focuses more on her use of an “e-meter” during Scientology sessions, which allegedly reflects past emotional experiences.

Star Magazine is standing by their cover story, telling PopEater: “We have not been served with any papers yet, however Star fully stands behind the editorial integrity of what we have published concerning Ms. Holmes’ controversial use of the Scientology e-meter. The physical effect of the e-meter on its users is a matter of significant public concern, and we plan to vigorously defend the suit filed by Ms. Holmes. Our attorneys look forward to deposing Ms. Holmes about her experiences with Scientology and the e-meter, and expect that the case will be promptly dismissed by the court.”

In order to prove libel in U.S. courts, the plaintiff must prove defamation occurred and that injury to their reputation happened as a result.

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