Katy Perry Has Best Response For Ryan Phillippe Dating Tweet!

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry might not be dating according to Ryan Phillippe, but the singer had the best response to Ryan’s ‘I barely know her’ tweet—-let me out of the basement. Say what?!! So here is a recap…Katy and Ryan allegedly flirted at Elton JOn’s birthday party s0 he’s being harrassed by helicopters flying over his home and he tweeted, “I AM NOT DATING KATY PERRY. BARELY KNOW HER. PLEASE STOP FLYING HELICOPTERS OVER MY HOUSE. SHE IS NOT HERE.”

Well Katy saw that tweet and replied, “Can you let me out of this basement pls?” OMG how funny is she. And Ryan responded with a “Never.” Well now is that internet flirting?But she later followed up with an apology! “Hi, nice to meet you, sorry bout that @RyanPhillippe carry on, lol.”

Should Katy try and get a date with Ryan…hold out for another chance with Orlando, or is John trying to make a comeback?

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