Katy Perry: Files $6.5M Countersuit Against Hair Care Company!

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Katy Perry is countersuing Good Hair Day’s (ghd) parent company, Jemella Group Limited for $6.5 million for defaulting on their contract according to E!News. Jemella Group Limited tried to beat Katy to the punch and sue her before she was able to sue them, they claim in 2011 they agreed to pay Katy $4.5 million to be a spokesperson for their hair care company for two years , but Katy’s rep said there was an oral agreement to extend the contact for an additional $6.5 million.

Katy’s counterclaim states that her image is still being used despite her no longer working with the brand and the brand “continues to use Perry’s name and image on its website to promote is hair care products. ghd has failed to honor its contractual obligations to Perry, yet it continues to benefit from Perry by using her name and image without compensating her.” And they claim on their website  that she is still the company’s “brand ambassador.”

This does not look pretty…

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