Ke$ha’s Producer Dr. Luke Getting Death Threats

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Ke$ha’s former producer, Dr. Luke has been slammed with death threats since being blamed for the singer’s eating disorder. It all stemmed with an interview in which Ke$ha’s mother said Dr. Luke said Ke$ha, “looks like a f**king refrigerator,” which greatly affected the singer. According to TMZ, the LAPD is investigating several threats against the producer from fans od Ke$ha who blame him for her eating disorder. Several people took to Twitter to threaten the life of the producer and a search warrant was granted to obtain the identity these people.

The threats began soon after Ke$ha entered rehab. Some of the tweets included,”You need to be worried because IMA slit your throat before January is over,” “You ugly fat ass bum bitch. Im gonna carve u like a pumpkin with a long sharp knife,” “Im gonna gut you like a fish then skin you and glue ur wrinkly raisin skin to a fridge!” and “I’m gonna slit your F**KIN throat open then gouge your eyeballs out.” Cops are investigating especially since one of the tweets included Luke’s  home address and phone number and asked followers to kill him.

Hopefully Ke$ha is getting the help she needs…while I do think Luke’s comment did not help she has said she suffered from an eating disorder for years…Luke is not all the blame.

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