Kelly Clarkson: I’d Rather Have Wine Than Worry About My Weight!

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Kelly Clarkson may be strong and confident, but her ‘feeling’s still get hurt when she’s criticized over her weight. “I love how people think that’s new. Like, welcome to the past 13 years,” Kelly said about her post-baby body during her stop on Ellen.

Kelly continued to talk about what hurts her her most. “I think what hurts my feelings for people is that I’ll have a meet and greet after the show and a girl who’s like bigger than me will be in the meet and greet and be like, ‘Wow, if they think you’re big I must be so fat to them.’ And it’s like, you’re just who you are. We are who we are — whatever size. And it doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be that forever.”

But Kelly says she isn’t too worried about her weight when she can have wine. “Sometimes we’re more fit. Like, especially me. I’m such a creative person that I yoyo. So sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don’t and I’m like … I’d rather have wine.”

Kelly recently came under fire from a UK writer who severely criticized Kelly’s body. She just brushed it off.

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