Kelly Rutherford: Upset She is Separated From Children, Pleading For Their Return to US!

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Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford is currently at odds with her ex-ex-husband, Daniel Giersch and is continuing her battle to get her kids back in the United States. They are living in France with their father since his visa was revoked. Rutherford took to Today to discuss her difficult situation. “Why would you take the kids away from their mother, out of their school, away from their friends and everything they’ve known, and plant them somewhere else. It’s hard to even believe it’s real.” The judge in her case says that Giersch must provide her with  plane tickets, a car and a place to stay in France to visit her kids. She is there almost every weekend. “I was on a plane three weekends a month,” the actress said. “I’m being punished for being a good mother and taking care of my children, and he’s being rewarded for having his visa revoked. Our kids are U.S. citizens and they have a right to be raised in the U.S.”It’s crazy. It’s like, what matters other than your babies? Nothing. What matters is that your babies are okay.”

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