Khloe Kardashian: Suspicious White Powder Sent To ‘X Factor’ Set

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Khloe Kardashian got a scare today!! A white powder was sent to The X Factor set and addressed to Khloe Kardashian at the CBS studio. The FBI was called in and the powder was deemed’ harmless.’ There was a letter attached to the powder but it is unknown what it said. Bristol Palin also received a letter containing a substance when she was on Dancing with the Stars. Kardashian tweeted, “Awkward,” probably in relation to the situation.

A letter containing a suspicious white powder — addressed to Khloe Kardashian — was sent to CBS today where “X Factor” is taped and the FBI is investigating … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us … the letter arrived to the studio this morning … and we’re told the FBI arrived to inspect the mystery substance. Sources tell us … law enforcement determined the powder was harmless.

We’re told a letter was also inside the envelope … we do not know what was written.

This is the 3rd instance we know of where a suspicious white powder was sent to the CBS studio — two letters were sent to Bristol Palin, and just as in this case the white substance turned out to be harmless talcum powder.

We do not know if today’s scare has any relationship to the prior two incidents.

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