Kendra Wilkinson Finally Gets Invited to Hugh Hefner’s Wedding Via Email!

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This is too funny! Kendra Wilkinson was finally invited to Hugh Hefner’s wedding via email. She had previously went to the media and said she was PO’ed that Hef had not invited her or sent out a save the date but that was all squashed because Hef invited her via email…lol! Kendra discussed her little situation with The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“I hadn’t gotten my invitation yet. I was a little bit worried, so I put it out there into the universe—the media.You know, sometimes you have to use being a celebrity sometimes, get things out there and be like, ‘Where’s my invitation? Wink-wink.'”

“I actually got an email from Hef right after that.”

Then Jay Leno read the actual email to the audience!

“Dear Kendra,” it read. “We haven’t sent any ‘Save the Dates,’ but if you can’t make the planned wedding on June 18, we’ll just change the date. Do you think I’d consider getting married without you being there?!

“Keep shaking your booty. I love you. See you soon. All best, Hef”

So yes Kendra will be going to the Wedding!


Photo from NBC

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