Khloe Kardashian Jokes “I have a husband. I have a boyfriend!”

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian explained her current marriage situation to Lamar Odom during her stop at Ellen today.”I’m there helping him, and I love him and I’ve always loved him and that will never change, and I just feel like it’s a really insensitive thing to fast-forward a divorce. I love him and I always will and he’s a fantastic person who deserves support and love and for someone to be by his side, and for me, I’m that to him. And thank God I have a fantastic family who loves me and loves him just as much, and they’re so supportive and they’re with me and I have a great boyfriend who’s understanding.”

Khloe’s new guy James Harden has been super supportive.”You know, it’s definitely a very unique situation, to say the least. He’s fine with it. I mean, we have to communicate a lot. And he’s really supportive and great. I think the press and everything, they make it more complicated. I think inside our circle we know exactly what’s going on and I feel sometimes it’s crazy that I – yes we live so much of our life in public, but that I have to explain every step when that’s kind of frustrating.”

Khloe even joked she is a polygamist now.”I have a husband. I have a boyfriend. That’s a way easier thing to say. Right?” Ellen added,”Okay, if that’s what you want me to call you I will – no, but I think that’s many husbands, isn’t it? So you’re not really a polygamist.” “Oh, I’m not there yet,” Khloe added.

But Khloe did give an update on Lamar. “He’s learning how to walk again and feed himself again and put sentences together. And cognitively there’s a lot – it’s a long, long road ahead.” But he doesn’t know why he’s in th ehospital and he doesn’t ask.”Well I can’t tell him – we tell him he had a brain injury, I can’t tell him how that brain injury was caused because that would set him back.” Aww!

Khloe is currently promoting her new book.

Photo from PR Photos