Kim Kardashian Is No Fraud!

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Kim Kardashian is about to get bamboozled in this annulment proceeding with Kris Humphries…he even called Kim a fraud (on paper), but she denies that!

Kim Kardashian is telling close friends today … she NEVER defrauded Kris Humphries into marrying her.

Sources very close to Kim tell us … Kim loved Kris and the marriage was legit, but just fell apart in short order.

As for Kris filing for an annulment on grounds Kim defrauded him, she says the two of them actually discussed annulling the marriage before she filed for divorce, but they were advised there were no legitimate grounds for an annulment. Under California law, someone can annul a marriage if there’s proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud.

In fact, Kim is saying she wanted an annulment and filed for divorce only after being told it was her only legal option.

So why did Kris file the marriage as a fraud,

“The reason Kris is alleging ‘fraud’ is because the other options were ridiculous,” a source close to Humphries tells Us Weekly of his official filings. (Other grounds on which a marriage could be annulled include bigamy, incest or force.)

“The whole ‘fraud’ thing is ridiculous. If the marriage was a sham, he was in on it,” continues the insider. “Did he not see the cameras or get a cut of whatever money was made? The marriage was real. It was just a terrible and unhappy one.

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