Kim Kardashian Nude Photos Leak!

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
A new set of celebrity nude photos has hit the internet and it appears Kim Kardashian is the latest victim. The photos showed up on 4chan and Reddit (the photos have since been removed) according to TMZ. There are also photos released of of what looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Hope Solo. Kim Kardashian is not wearing her wedding ring in her images so its unclear when the photos were taken.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting. It seems like there are a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking peoples’ information and that’s just a scary thing,” Kim said after the first leak.

This new leak comes a few weeks since the last massive release that included images of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco among others.

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