Does Kim Kardashian Plan To Change Her Last Name When She Marries?

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Kim Kardashian is rumored to be changing her famous last name when she married Kris Humphries to Kim Humphries…She should keep her last name for her show but use Humphries for official document…I mean Jennifer Lopez is not Jennifer Anthony…and Jennifer Garner is not Jennifer Affleck

Goodbye, Kim Kardashian … HELLO, Kim Humphries — TMZ has learned … the BIGGEST name in reality television will soon cease to exist … because Kim K will be taking her soon-to-be husband’s last name.

That’s right — sources close to Kim are adamant … the most famous Kardashian of them all will “for sure” take NBA star Kris Humphries’ last name when the couple ties the knot this summer.

Which might piss off Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner — who recently told, “I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries … She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.”

PS. OK Magazine has a cover stating that Kim is preggers…do you think she is?

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