Kim Kardashian Says Scott Disick “Back To His Old Self”

Kim Kardashian

A very pregnant Kim Kardashian is opening up about Scott Disick post rehab status. “Every time we [see him], he’s back to his old self and he’s so happy,” Kardashian told People. “But it’s an adjustment. I don’t want to say anything too soon.”

Kim explained why sis Kourtney had to pull the plug on her relationship with Scott over the summer after nearly a decade together.”It’s been the same cycle with those two, the same issues and the same cycle for 10 years. Kourtney finally stood up for herself and said, ‘I have kids now and I don’t want to be a bad example for them.’ She really has taken that stand and been so amazing.  I admire how she’s wanted to just make the right decisions. And I love to see her journey. It’s a hard one right now, but I think it’s bettering the family.”

Scott had tried rehab before but left early.”He’s tried [rehab] a couple of times [before]. But this [most recent stay was] the first time he’s ever spent weeks and weeks somewhere. We love Scott, and we’re so happy he’s getting help. We hope for the best.” And Kim still has love for Scott she told E!. “You know, we love Scott too, he’s family. So that makes it hard for everyone, even though you might not agree with someone’s actions.”
Photo from PR Photos