Kim Kardashian Shows Off Christmas Gift From Kanye West

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Kim K Christmas

Kany West gave Kim Kardashian a very expensive new Birkin bag to add to her collection, but this one was just a bit off…it was Kanye’s version of artistic…he had artist George Condo hand-paint the bag with naked ladies and creatures. Kanye also commissioned the artist to paint the cover of his 2010 album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which is where you may have seen the similar images before.

Kim's Gift From Kanye

Do you kinda think it was Kanye’s opinion of what’s a cool gift to give? But some people just think he ruined the bag. And like a good fiance she sported the bag while out shopping, but I would never peg the bag as Kim’s style…maybe Rihanna…but not Kim. If I were Kim I would put the bag on display and not use it. It is interesting but what do you think?

Two interesting tidbits about the couple, first in a recent survey they were deemed the neighbors you would least like to have. And Kanye’s Nike shoes the Red Octobers will not be released yet and the date has been postponed indefinitely…might be all the Nike bashing he did recently.

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