Kim Kardashian Used To Love Paparazzi Attention!

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Tell us something we didn’t know—Kim Kardashian love attention. The reality star turned mogul confessed that in her younger years she used to love the paparazzi attention. While chatting with bestie JOnathan Cheban for her website/app she says, “When I was living on Robertson, it was like paparazzi central. I was living right behind Kitson. And every time I’d go to the gym or go eat, every paparazzi would ask me questions and I would be like: ‘Hey guys!’ Like, I so wanted the attention,” Kim said laughing with Cheban adding, “She was doing walking interviews! I was like: ‘What are you doing?!’ ”

I think she loved the pap attention right until she started dating Kanye and since he hated it so did she!  BUt Cheban says it was him to told her to stop smiling. Kim says, “Jonathan was like: ‘This has got to stop. Do you think Victoria Beckham sits and does all these interviews?’ “Adding, “[He said:] ‘Do you think everyone else has smiles on their faces? You are too happy, you are smiling way too much. Put your sunglasses on. You need a whole makeover and you need to stop talking and stop smiling.’ ” Cheban chimed in adding, “I was like: ‘You cannot drive around in that white Range Rover. It’s time for the next step.’ ”  Jeez…what’s wrong with a Range Rover?

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