Kim Kardashian Wants a Pretty Expensive Push Present From Kanye!

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is ready to pop at any minute now and she’s looking at the goal line and is looking to nab a pretty expensive push present from hubby Kanye West! “I like the idea of a push present — after nine months of pregnancy it’s a sweet and well-deserved thank you. We women go through an entire pregnancy carrying a baby … of course it only makes sense that we get something amazing to show how amazing we are! LOL! One friend got a special diamond ring she always wanted, and another friend got a new car! This pregnancy, I would love a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker, like the ones I’ve worn before to the Art + Film Gala. Too much? LOL!” Kim wrote on her website Pretty much priced in the hundreds of thousands to a million!

I’m pretty sure Kanye would get Kim that push present…and she’s friends with Lorraine—-can you say DISCOUNT!

Photo from PR Photos