Kourtney & Kim Take NY Recap: Kim is ‘Unhappy’

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Kim Kardashian finally admits to Khloe on Kourtney & Kim Take New York that she is ‘unhappy’ with her relationship and she is not herself, which explains why she has been mean to everyone especially poor Khloe who was hit the hardest with Kim’s insults! At the beginning of the episode we see Kim picking up after Kris (she is a self confessed neat freak!) and he refuses to clean up just make a point…there is a power struggle as he tries to assert his dominance in the relationship…that’s going to get you far buddy! Kris also calls Kim out on little things like…when she didn’t like her drink at the restaurant and the waiter asks if she liked the drink, she said yes but Kris chimed in and called her ‘two-faced’ when he knew she might not have liked it…he has to learn to keep quiet…Kim may not have liked the drink, but she was being polite! Kris and Kim never belonged together…he has no clue on what Kim wants and they are very mismatched!

And poor Scott just wants to sleep in the same bed as Kourtney…so simple compared to Kim and Kris.

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