Kris Humphries: Divorce Depositions Started Yesterday…

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Kim Kardashian’s lawyer, Laura Wasser began grilling Kris Humphries in the divorce deposition yesterday and here is what went down…Kris said Myla Sinanaj was just a friend. He said Myla had a strong interest in Kim and her life, but he never discussed his divorce with her. The Kris was asked about his claims his marriage was for ratings, but he may be holding out his information until the divorce trial.

Kris Humphries swore under oath during his deposition Monday … Myla Sinanaj was just a friend, who was mighty curious about Kim Kardashian … sources connected with the bballer tell TMZ.

Kris — who was required to sit for the depo by Kim’s legal team — insisted he only knew Myla for a few months, even though we’re told they were banging since January.

Sources connected with Kris tell us … he admitted he spoke “generally” to Myla about Kim, but only when she asked questions, such as …”What’s she like in real life?”  Kris testified he never spoke to Myla about his divorce.

And our sources say … Kris was asked various questions about his allegation that Kim defrauded him into marrying her and her motivation was just a crass ploy for ratings.  We’re told Kris offered no specifics … no evidence of fraud.

Sources connected with Kris say they don’t want to disclose evidence of fraud until the trial.  Thing is … his testimony was under oath and we’re told he offered nothing.

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