Kris Humphries Lands $24 Million Deal With Brooklyn Nets!

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Kris Humphries has landed himself a nice chunk of change…he jsut re0signed with the Brooklyn Nets For $24 Million for 2 years, not bad considering he was paid $8 million for a 1-year contract last year. Kris even tweeted about his new contract, “I’m up at Brooklyn! @S_C_ “lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team” lol!” …wait is that a straight up dig at Kanye West!

Kris Humphries doesn’t need Kim Kardashian to make a living … ’cause dude just signed a $24 MILLION contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

It’s a 2-year deal according to ESPN … which means Kris got one helluva raise — his previous contract was a 1-year deal worth $8 mil.

Not bad … considering the Nets are partially owned by Jay Z … who’s best friends withKanye West … who’s still banging Kris’ estranged wife.

Kanye also recently bragged that he could have J fire Kris whenever he wants.

Sounds like a perfectly healthy work environment.


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