Kris Humphries Trying To Silence New Gal Pal!

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Kris Humphries and his lawyer were not too keen on new gal pal, Myla Sinanaj talking about their new budding relationship. Kris is trying to keep it quiet due to his impending divorce court case with Kim Kardashian and he does not want that to be brought up in court, even though Kim is now dating Kanye West!

Kris Humphries’ lawyer has been speaking with the lawyer for girlfriend Myla Sinanaj … trying to negotiate a non-disclosure agreement … for a price.

Sources connected with Kris tell us … his lawyer reached out to hers earlier today, trying to muzzle her from talking about their relationship. Our sources say Kris is nervous about the texts, emails and other documents she has relating to their relationship — things Kris wants to keep under wraps.

As for why Kris wants to muzzle Myla — his lawyers are demanding millions from Kim Kardashian, alleging she defrauded him and broke his heart. It’s hard to make the case when Kris is banging another chick two months after Kim files divorce docs.

We’re told, in addition to a non-disclosure agreement, Kris wants Myla to sign some sort of joint statement … again, for a price.

Another source claims Kris doesn’t even date Myla, its purely a hookup and no he is not paying her off according to Radar.

“Why would Kris pay her off, it makes absolutely no sense. He fully anticipates that Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, is going to subpoena her to explain the nature of their relationship. Myla has NEVER been Kris’ girlfriend, period. Yes, they have exchanged racy text messages and emails, but Kris has also conveyed in writing that he simply isn’t ready for a serious relationship. It hasn’t even been discussed to pay Myla off, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Kris hasn’t been living like a monk since Kim filed for divorce,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Myla is very upset with Kris for not wanting an exclusive relationship. However, Kris was honest with her from the beginning, and it’s very likely that he won’t be seeing her anymore now,” the source says. “There are always going to be girls that are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and say they are dating Kris. It just comes along with the territory.”


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