Kris Jenner Brought North West Baby Double To ‘Kris’ Premiere!

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Kris Jenner Fake Baby

Kris Jenner tried to trick us all and brought out a baby on the premiere of her new talk show Kris…and no it was not Kim’s new bundle of joy, North West it was a the baby of her stylist! Awww what a fake-out! Kris said said. “I wouldn’t do it to Kim—just give her some time and peace and she’ll be out showing her off herself.” Now she did divulge how Kim got the hospital under the radar!

“I was doing Good Day L.A., they had sent a limo for me to do it, so I was offline as it’s live TV. I hate opening my BlackBerry after that, and then I’ve got an email from Kim marked ‘urgent.”

Kris initially thought Kim’s read-me-now email was something related to the Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs-signed Apple mice she was planning to surprise Kanye with on Father’s Day. But when she opened it, it said, “I have to have the baby today. Get here today, fast!”

Immediately, Kris asked the limo driver to please make a “pit stop” at Kim’s house—where the paparazzi were waiting.

“But we get Kim in the limo, and I start trying to put the elaborate plan we had set in place for five weeks away with decoy cars and security, thinking, how am I going to do this?” she said. “I call my friend for a decoy car, and the plan is to get to the hotel and switch cars.”

“We go to the hotel, Kim’s under the blankets tapping away on her phone and I’m like, ‘Who are you emailing?'” Kris said, to which her daughter replied, “I’m emailing Steve Wozniak!”

Kris told her daughter, “Could we stop with the Woz?! Let’s go to the hospital!”
“We get to the hotel, and we’re so smooth, but when Kim pops up, I see Steve Wozniak and his wife, Janet, standing in the foyer,” she said laughingly. “Kim then heads over like nothing’s wrong to chat to Steve and Janet. She’s acting like she’s at a cocktail party and I’m panicking.”

“Finally we get in the getaway car,” Kris continued. “And Kim lies down and then yells, ‘Mom! Hit the floor!’ We’re in a Mini-Cooper and there was no room, but I did it.”

Once they arrived at the hospital, Kris explained the duo entered through “a secret elevator and through the kitchen, and then we have a baby.”

“I went back on Father’s Day and guess who was in the room?” she said. “Steve Wozniak!”

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