Lady Gaga Chews Up Letterman‘s Questions!

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Lady Gaga stopped by the Late Show with David letterman and chewed up all of Letterman’s questions…no not figuratively she really ate some of his questions. Gaga ripped a piece of paper on Letterman’s desk and put it in her mouth…very funny!!

Amazon had this amazing deal yesterday where you could download Born This Way for .99 cents and let’s just say Gaga shut it down…as in Amazon crashed because it was such an amazing deal and people went berserk over it!

According to Access Hollywood,

Some visitors to Amazon’s site received a busy signal Monday when they tried to download the digital version of the artist’s latest album, “Born This Way,” which the online retailer was selling for 99 cents on its release date.

Spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Amazon experienced a high volume of traffic that caused delays for those downloading the album — echoing a posting on the album’s product page on Customers who ordered the MP3 version of “Born This Way” on Monday will get it for 99 cents, she said.

An early evening attempt to buy the album on Amazon and use its new server-based storage system went seamlessly. The album appeared instantly on Amazon Cloud Drive and could be streamed online right away. The album downloaded in a few minutes to a computer. The user’s storage space also registered the promotional 20 gigabytes of cloud storage that came with the album.

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