Lady Gaga “allegedly” told to lose weight!

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was “allegedly” told to lose weight after her Paparazzi video. I don’t think so. She was a bit fuller but nothing was wrong with her and now she is much thinner. I hope she didn’t lose weight or conform to other people’s beliefs…This does not sound like Gaga at all! I did realize that Gaga had lost weight though…it’s noticable!

According to E!,

A source deep inside Camp Gaga tells us people have been on her ass (no pun intended) to lose weight, to begin with. Supposedly, Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video shoot last April is when things started get touchy on the subject of weight.

“They draped fabric over her thighs and shot her backside with a softer lens,” adds our eyewitness source. “They did everything they could to hide her not-so-flattering areas.”

“She’s already lost about 20 pounds,” says a knowledgeable pal close to the situation. “She says she is always hungry. She isn’t doing a specific diet. She just isn’t eating.”

I hope the report is not true and maybe she has lost weight naturally after working out, being on the road and performing at her concerts. That could take a toll on your body!

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