Lady Gaga Buys Back Her Old Demos From The Auction Block!

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I don’t think that Lady Gaga should have to pay to get her old demos from the auction block, but money runs the world and her old manager wanted to sell them…she is famous now you know!!!

According to RadarOnline,

Seven early works of Stefani Germanotta — a.k.a. Lady Gaga (You’ve heard of her, right?) — were yanked from the block of a New York city auction house Thursday, as the auction house said they wound up selling the Bad Romance singer’s early work back to her for an undisclosed amount, has learned.

The recordings were made between 2002 and 2006, two years prior to Gaga hitting the apex of the music world with the release of her album The Fame, which went on to sell more than 12 million albums worldwide.

Originally up in the sale from the auction house, Gotta Have It!, included: Gaga’s unreleased 2002 original demo CD recording; an original CD from 2005 titled Stefani Germanotta; a 2005 CD titled Stefani Germanotta Band, Words; a 2006 original CD called Stefani Red and Blue; an 2006 CD; and her original 2006 OSIA showcase performance DVD.

“Gotta Have It! and Leone, the consigner of all Lady Gaga material, are very happy to be an instrumental part in bringing the music created by Stefanie Germanotta back to its rightful owner,” the auction house said in a news release Thursday.

So Gaga has back her old demos and cd’s.

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