Lady Gaga Defends Her Vomit Performance At SXSW!

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Today - 2014

Whhhhaaaaat! Lady Gaga defended her decision to have her friend/vomit artist, Mille Brown. Gagag stopped by the Today Show to promote her next music video, “G.U.Y.” and of course talked about the now infamous vomit performance at SXSW. “It wasn’t meant for the TODAY Show! It was meant for a club performance in Austin. It’s about art. We both really believe in artistic expression and strong identities, and I support (Millie) in what she does. And ‘Artpop,’ my new album, is about bringing music and art together in the spirit of creative rebellion…. But we totally understand that some people won’t be into it.”

The full version of “G.U.Y.” which will premiere before NBC’s “Dateline” on Saturday. She cane defend it all she wants but its still gross.

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