Is Lady Gaga a Song Thief?

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Lady Gaga is being called a song thief? A singer named, Rebecca Francescatti is claiming that Gaga stole her song, ‘Juda’ and she has furtehr proof that the songs sound very similar…her former bass player, Brian Gaynor helped Gaga write music on ‘Born This Way.’ Uh Oh!!

Lady Gaga’s hit song “Judas” is a total rip-off of a 1999 song called “Juda” … so says a singer named Rebecca Francescatti … who just filed a lawsuit against Gaga infederal court.

Rebecca claims the similarities between the two songs are NOT a coincidence … because her former bass player — Brian Gaynor — is now employed by a musiccompany that wrote 17 songs on Gaga’s recent “Born This Way” album.

Rebecca’s lawyer, Chris Niro, tells TMZ, “Though the songs are different styles, thecomposition is the same and the chorus is the same melody … [Rebecca] is seeking recognition for what she created.”

Francescatti, who sings under the name Rebecca F., is suing for unspecified damages.

We called Lady Gaga’s camp for comment … no word back so far.

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