Lindsay Lohan Gets Slapped With Another Lawsuit!

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We could see this one coming a mile away…Lindsay Lohan is being sued by the ex-Betty Ford employee she had an altercation with last year, Dawn Holland ( who was fired). Dawn wants $1 million for assault and battery ( that has left her “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering”).

According to TMZ,

Lindsay Lohan isn’t shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident — telling friends Dawn is MAKING UP the accusations just to bilk her out of millions of dollars.

Lindsay has ALWAYS maintained that Dawn was twisting the facts for a cash grab — and now Lohan believes Dawn’s lawsuit — set to be filed this morning — proves everything she suspected all along.

We’re told Lindsay is adamant she NEVER laid a hand on Dawn during a late night confrontation at the rehab center back in December — and strongly believes Dawn won’t get a SINGLE cent out of her pocket.

Lindsay has another legal issue to deal with today — she’s due in court at 10 AM for a progress report in her necklace theft case. We’ll be there … so stay tuned!

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