Lamar Odom Will Be Moved To Rehab Center In L.A.

Khloe Kardashian 27th Birthday Celebration at Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas on June 17, 2011

Lamar Odom’s will be moved to L.A. to a rehab where he will begin his recovery, although it is not known when he will be transferred. “Lamar is doing very well. By the grace of God he’s doing much better,” a family representative told ABC News on Sunday night.

According to E!News, Odom is improving everyday, but will need “a lot” of rehab, but is “making fast progress.” He can move his arms and legs, but still can’t stand up and a CT scan came back clean, but he may have cognitive issues and he is on dialysis due to kidney failure. He is showing many signs of improvement. Khloe is still sleeping next to Lamar.”She goes everywhere with him. If Lamar leaves the room for testing, she follows.”

Lamar was found unconscious on Tuesday in a Las Vegas Brothal following an drug binge.

Photo from PR Photos