Latin Pop Star Debi Nova Teams Up With Caress Body Wash To Bring You Sexy Skin!

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Latin Pop Star and super cute hottie, Debi Nova has teamed up with Caress to give all women super sexy skin. Who doesn’t want soft, sexy touchable skin…its on every bodies want list…right? The new Caress Velvet Bliss Body Wash and Beauty Bar offer the ultimate in everyday indulgence. With a unique blend of exquisite blackberry and vanilla fragrances and triple silkening moisturizers, they cleanse with a luscious lather to give women both silky, smooth skin with an incredible scent ( sounds yummy). The bottles even feature a new Silky Fragrance Infusion icon that shows women they can get silky, moisturized skin with amazing fragrance – all from one product.

Debi talks a little about confidence and of course skin…

“When I take the stage, nothing makes me feel more confident and sexy than when my skin looks great,” says Debi Nova.  To “flaunt it” on the dance floor and capture the spotlight, all you need are a few of the right moves and sexy, silky skin that smells amazing and  seduces  the senses.”

Debi’s Tips for Tantalizing  Skin You’ll want to Flaunt:

Buff To flaunt fab skin any time, use a pumice stone to treat dry spots, like elbows, knees and heels

Indulge Maximize your shower with Caress Velvet Bliss, which delivers, in one body wash or beauty bar, sexy, silky skin with great fragrance that you’ll want to flaunt

Dance Turn the music on as you get dressed to get confident and sexy for a night out on the town.

Accent Complement your glowing skin with a daring lip color.

Hydrate Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep you feeling refreshed and vibrant all night long.

Did you catch Debi on MTV’s When I was Seventeen, she was so cute talking about her culture shock coming from Costa Rica to the US and finding that the US had way too many toilet paper choices!!! Hahaha!

Photo from Caress

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