Liam Hemsworth Has a Club Altercation!

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Liam Hemsworth aka Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend had a minor altercation with two bouncers (triple his size) outside a club. It didn’t seem too serious!

According to TMZ,

Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth went BALLISTIC on two HUGE bouncers outside an L.A. nightclub last night — needing to be physically restrained from going after the hired muscle.

It all went down after some sort of altercation inside the nightclub — as Liam walked out of the joint, he screamed at the two HULKING men, “I was on your f**king side … I was backing YOU up!”

It’s unclear if Liam was kicked out of the club or left on his own — but SECONDS after he went off on the guards, Liam was able to compose himself … and even SMILES for several fans who wanted a photo on the way to his car.

Photo from PR Photos

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