Get Light & Airy With Frizz-Ease’s Sheer Solution

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John Frieda is known as a frizz fighter! I remember when I first came across Frizz Ease…I was in high school and I needed to tame my hair and it was my real introduction to serums and oils. Since then Frizz Ease’s product line has exploded with hair goodies like the newest kid on the block, Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution.

At first glance the Sheer Solution looks like oil and vinegar in the bottle. The liquid has a two part separation, a cloudy purple on top and clear purple (on bottom) solution that needs to be shaken to activate…cool stuff right! After you shake it for about 10 seconds you will see all the air bubbles start moving around and you are ready to go. Put 10-15 drops in your hand  depending on the length and thickness and of your hair and then distribute over mostly over your ends (just like any solution don’t add too much or you can end up looking like an oil slick!).

What was my result…soft, polished hair that’s super light and airy. My hair is fine so anything oily will not only weigh down my hair, but make it looks stringy! This works great for my hair type… curly and fine. I am growing my hair out so I haven’t gotten a cut for a few months ………I did not try the solution with my curly hair just straight.

One thing…its flammable so don’t smoke or get near a flame until you are done.

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Available at: Drugstores, Supermarkets

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