Fekkai too steep for me…well maybe not!!

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Frédéric Fekkai‘s product, Overnight Hair Repair is a little too steep for me in the price department.  I do like luxury hair products I don’t know why I just do…it’s my downfall but never something over $30 for 1 item.  Fekkai’s product line had been reasonably priced until the launch of Overnight Hair Repair at $195. For that much money I would expect a whole new head of hair and Fekkai to come and do my hair for like a month. Just kidding. The Overnight Hair Repair is totally a product I would have used, had it be priced differently.

I do want to try the Fekkai Salon Color line that has come out recently. I usually don’t like to pay so much for a box of hair color but I am willing to try it anyways…its $30. It looks like a professional kit with a bowl and brush. They have twenty colors. I really like Very light golden blonde. It is sold at Bloomingdales.com (I’m not sure if they sell it in the store).

Photo Courtesy of Sephora.com

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