Lindsay Lohan Admits Wanting To Go To Jail To Find ‘Peace’

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Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah for just days after leaving rehab. Lindsay even goes on to say she was looking forward to going to jail…she was actually admitted to a 90-day rehab facility. “Having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with — I somehow inside of me knew I wanted to go in jail. I think that was subconsciously going on in my head through my actions…just to have some peace. I came into it just really craving more spirituality, really open and ready to get really honest.”

Oprah delved into Lindsay’s addictions, which she admits was alcohol. “That, in the past, was a gateway to other things for me,” she says she has tried cocaine in the past, about 10-15 times, “It allowed me to drink more. I think that’s why I did it,” she said.

Oprah asked Lindsay what she wants most now, “To get the things that’s made me the happiest in my whole life back, which is just work really hard and stay focused and prove myself in the way that I did before in the past and lost. I have to regain the trust of people in my career that has their doubts.”

“It’s a process of growing up and recognizing and being just so tired and exhausted by the chaos…I have had no right in my past to complain about being followed by cameras and people making up stories, but there’s something to be said about me moving forward that if I’m going to put myself in a public situation — that’s open season for people to say what they’re gonna say. I can’t control that but I can control not putting myself there.”

She does sound like she is trying to change for the better. Hopefully it works.

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