Lindsay Lohan Gets Pulled Over By The Cops

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OMG…Lindsay Lohan was pulled over by police already…she hasn’t even been driving a week! Over the weekend, she allegedly rolled through a stop sign, if I were her, I would be super strict with myself and stay out of trouble.

According to TMZ…Lindsay was stopped and let go with a warning,

Lindsay was going to the Chateau Marmont Friday night at 11:00 PM when she got pulled over — according to one account she may have rolled through a stop sign. The newly rehabbed Lindsay got off with a warning and was on her merry way.

It’s gotta be a reminder — one bad move and she’s in big trouble. Lindsay is counting on shooting “Inferno” in mid-November in Louisiana — if she runs afoul of the law, the judge almost certainly will not let her leave the state.

It’s in your hands, Lindsay.

Hello remember jail…

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