Lydia Hearst Will Channel Her Inner Lindsay Lohan For New Movie!

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Model/ Actress/Heiress Lydia Hearst will have to channel her inner Lindsay Lohan for a new movie role (haha). The movie is about a young Hollywood starlet who is in and out of rehab and looks very similar to the life of Lindsay Lohan…Paparazzi included! The movie is called, Dogs in Pocketbooks…lol!

According to the NYPost,

Model and heiress Lydia Hearst Shaw has landed her first big Hollywood role as a comic character based on troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan. Hearst, a 26-year-old heir to the Hearst publishing fortune and daughter of once-kidnapped Patricia Campbell Hearst and Bernard Shaw, will play the lead role in “Dogs in Pocketbooks.”

Screenwriter Charles Casillo told us, “Lydia will play a bratty movie goddess in and out of rehab, in trouble with the law, and hounded by greedy agents, predatory paparazzi, off-the-wall stalkers and crazed media — a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan.

“I spent a lot of time casting for the right actress for this screwball comedy, but Lydia is perfect. She’s one of the few supermodels who can actually act. She’s smart, well-read, charming and very beautiful. We looked at a lot of actresses for this role, and I was really knocked out.”

“Dynasty” icon Joan Collins will star as a high-powered agent in the picture, which starts shooting here and in LA in February. Collins told us, “The script is a hoot — a satire on the crazed hysteria surrounding show-biz celebrities. I’m playing an aggressive, sexy, powerful woman. For a change.”

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