Man Shot Dead Outside Hollywood Club After Brawl!

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A man was killed early Sunday morning after a massive fight outside of Empire nightclub. It looks like the fight, between a few women started inside the club and spilled out into the street. In the video you can see a large group on woman in a massive fight and then more people join including men and then a man pulls out a gun and shoots another man. Two men are shot in the melee and one was killed.

A man was shot dead outside a Hollywood nightclub early Sunday morning in the throws of a massive brawl … and our photog captured it all.

Cops tell us … It started inside Empire nightclub … where several fights broke out between some women … before it moved outside.

You see women in the video throwing punches, pulling hair, slapping etc.

Within minutes the violence escalated into all out mayhem … dozens more joined in — men and women.

Suddenly … a man in grey sweatshirt pulls a gun … aims at a man — and two shots are clearly heard.

Moments later, you see a man lying dead in the middle of the street — and appears the victim was the intended target.

Another man was also shot during the brawl. He’s in stable condition.

LAPD is investigating.

Update: One dead, two injured (one man and one woman).



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