Marc Anthony Says No Cheating in Marriage To Jennifer Lopez!

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Marc Anthony went on the record (via his interview with John Quinones for Nightline) and said his divorce had nothing to do with cheating. There was a lot of speculation that Marc had cheated on Jennifer with a flight attendant and Jada Pinkett Smith (while filming HathoRNe).

“It was a flight attendant, it was the pilot — I heard it was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in Houston. I’ve heard it all,” Anthony told ABC News in his first interview since the announcement.

“People are trying to peg it on things because it was so shocking. It was like, it must have been something…It wasn’t something sensationalistic,” Anthony said.

The truth was simple, he said. The marriage just stopped working.

“It was a realization on both our parts… It wasn’t shocking. These things happen,” he said.

When asked if he wanted the divorce, Anthony said: “It’s a decision that we made jointly. And that’s how I’ll answer that.”

“It’s not the end of that. It’s not. This is not a funeral.…This is just two people who came together and just realized … that it wasn’t sustainable the way it was, and that’s that,” he said.

Far from being jealous, Anthony said he had the best of wishes for Lopez.

“I think anybody will tell you how I supported her, from day one. I’m really, really happy for her.… We’re going to be in each other’s lives for many, many, many years, and I’m glad that our friendship is that strong.…What would make it difficult is if we didn’t get along,” he said.

Story via ABCNews

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