Maria Menounos Gets Naked For Allure Magazine!

Allure Magazine sure knows how to get women to take off their clothes…Maria Menounos along with Debra Messing, Leslie Bibb,Taraji P. Henson, and Morena Baccarin.

“I was hippy and I didn’t diet for contests. And it didn’t bother me,” she says. The 33-year-old Extra host has a healthy attitude about her body, but that doesn’t mean she’s comfortable getting naked. In fact, she’s so hesitant to be bare it all that she’s afraid of getting pregnant because of how much she’d have to expose. “I have some serious issues here,” she admitted. “But I want to get over that.” She looked to this photo shoot to cure to her shyness, and it may have worked: “This was definitely challenging,” she said, “but I feel so much better having done it.”

Photo from Allure