Mario Lopez Confesses He ”Wasn’t in Love” With Ex-Wife Ali Landry

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Mario Lopez Bachelor Party at Tao Las Vegas on September 15, 2012

Mario Lopez’s memoir Just Between Us has a lot of juicy gossip like his one-night stand in Las Vegas with an unnamed, but allegedly popular singer, but the Extra co-host also talked about his very short marriage (two weeks) to Ali Landry after cheating on her during his bachelor party.

“The bachelor party coincided with spring break, so it was a far cry from a fishing trip. We started with the hottest spots here in the States — MTV was shooting at many of these locations, so you can only imagine the crowds they drew. Then we jetted off in style to all the Mexican beach resorts.”

Mario continued, “It was a five-day nonstop party. Suffice it to say, my good time was a little too good, because I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady on spring break at one of the stops in some university party town. What was I thinking?Once I took responsibility for my feelings, acknowledging how I had so mishandled my decisions, lightning hit me with the truth: I wasn’t in love. The thoughts came streaming in, but it was too late. My misgivings reared their ugly heads and I knew I should have broken things off with her before I strayed.”

He added, “Everything was suddenly crystal clear. But like an idiot I did what you do when you find out you’ve dug a hole for yourself: I kept digging. I formally walked down the aisle and said, ‘I do.’ But in my heart and soul, I was screaming, ‘I do not! I can’t! What am I doing?'”

Is it kinda mean to say he wasn’t in love with Ali or do you like his honesty? In the exerpt over at Yahoo Mario says that Ali started off nice and sweet and then began to change and become more materialistic.

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