Are Two ‘X Factor’ Contestants Dating…?

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Are two X Factor contestants secretly dating…maybe so! It looks like Melanie Amaro and Trace Kennedy have been getting close and hanging out and Melanie thinks he is a great guy, how cute!

Two “X Factor” finalists have secretly started a romance behind the scenes of the Fox show. Melanie Amaro, now one of the finalists, has been dating Stereo Hogzz’s lead singer, Trace Kennedy, in recent weeks, sources said. Kennedy and the rest of the group were eliminated from the competition last month. This past weekend the pair posted on Twitter a photo of themselves in a hotel room before going out Saturday night. Friends say they are constantly on the phone and tweeting. One said, “They kept it secret at first, but they have been getting close, since Trace has been staying in LA to work on his music, while she is there for the show, and they’ve been hanging out more. Melanie has been telling all her friends what a great guy he is . . . Trace immediately liked Melanie when they met, but she was pretty shy, and it took a while for them to get together — now they are together all the time, and he’s being so supportive for her now as the competition on the show heats up.”

Via NY Post

Photo from Fox

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