Melissa Etheridge Says Angelina Jolie’s Team Warned Her After Brad Pitt Divorce Comments!

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Melissa Etheridge used to be good pals with Bard Pitt, so she made a few public comments on his impending divorce from Angelina Jolie—well Angelina and her team gave her a warning from a ‘fixer.’ Melissa stopped by Watch What Happens Live —she even wrote a song about it! “I haven’t spoke to Brad in forever. Every time I say something it gets turned around and twisted and all of a sudden I’m saying something about [Angelina] … so I thought I would do what I do best, and I wrote a song about it today.”Just a few days ago, Melissa who hasn’t spoke to Brad in over 10 years told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio station, “It breaks my heart that anyone would take something as personal as your marriage and your relationship and your rights to your children and do it as purposefully as I see it’s being done.” Melissa and Brad stopped being friends around the same time he started dating Angelina…coincidence?

Photo from PR Photos