Michael Lohan Finally Back in Custody!

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Michael Lohan is back in custody after an attempted escape…tree diving should be a sport! Anyways a judge said that Michael violated Kate Major’s restraining order (for domestic violence and harassment) and will now have to stay put in jail! Michael even showed up in court in a wheelchair!

Michael Lohan was true to form when he appeared in court today, making crazy excuses that an angry judge didn’t buy … so Michael’s gonna stay in jail for a while.

Michael — who allegedly violated a restraining order and then tried to escape cops and falling four stories — spoke to the judge from the jail on a monitor. Michael, who was in a wheelchair and handcuffs (see above), had his lawyer explain there are three reasons why Mr. Lohan needed his freedom:

1. He’s got some TV shoot with Dr. Drew
2. Lindsay’s hearing is coming up on Wednesday
3. He’s got an upcoming celebrity boxing match with Tareq Salahi.

Surprise — the judge wasn’t moved, but was VERY upset at M.L.

According to The HuffPo,

The estranged father of actress Lindsay Lohan has been released from a Tampa hospital and is now in jail.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Michael Lohan will be held in administrative confinement in the infirmary at the Falkenburg Jail. He will make his first court appearance Saturday morning.

Tampa police say Lohan’s on-and-off girlfriend reported receiving a harassing phone call from him Wednesday. Police went to Kate Major’s condo, and she put the call on speaker so detectives could listen.

Authorities then went to a hotel where Lohan was staying. He jumped from a third-floor balcony in an attempt to escape.

Lohan was taken into custody, the second time within a week. He was jailed Tuesday on domestic violence charges and later released.

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