Microdermals: What is that?

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Jonna from the real world

Has anyone been watching The Real World Cancun? Ok, so if the answer is yes then you have seen Jonna (who has these piercing on her chest, finger and maybe other places). The piercings or implants on the skin are called Microdermals ( Microdermals lay under the skin with an anchor but you only see the top part of the Microdermal…which is like a little ball). I am so new to this (but I am intrigued and weirded out at the same time). I mean you remember Brittanya and her dimple piercing…I think these go a little further. There are some youtube videos, but I will let you look them up because some people may be squeamish.

P.S. If you have any Microdermal piercings photos, then send them to me and I’ll post some up.

Photo from MTV

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