Miley Cyrus Hospitalized After Knife Accident!

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Oh no, Miley Cyrus was hospitalized yesterday after she accidentally cut herself with a kitchen knife while preparing dinner. Miley recieved a few stitches at the E.R. Aww hope she heals up nicely!

According to TMZ,

Miley Cyrus was rushed to an emergency room Monday night, after she cut herself with a kitchen knife.

We’re told Miley was cooking in her kitchen in Toluca Lake — in the San Fernando Valley — when she was preparing dinner and made a bloody slip.

Miley’s mom, grandmother and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth took her to the E.R., where doctors stitched her finger up.

In the photo, shot by Star Feine, showing Miley leaving the emergency room, you can see blood seeping through the bandage.

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