Miley Cyrus: People Only Care About My Hair!

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Miley Cyrus debuted her new hair (it been a few weeks since she did the big chop) on the red carpet for the first time at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and she says its all people want to talk about, “It’s so easy [to manage], you know,” Cyrus told PEOPLE. “I love it. I feel really me and it’s good.The only thing that’s hard is it’s the only thing people want to talk about. And it’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t recognize you!'”

Cyrus did real she has new music on the way and a tour, so her wedding is on hold for now, “I’ve got so much planning to do with the tours and getting the record out. I mean I’m really excited to obviously get married, but, I kind of already feel married, and I know we’re forever. I don’t really need the paper right now, so I’m just really trying to work.”

Cyrus unveiled her new website last night, check it out!

Photo from MTV

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