Did Myla Sinanaj Deny Being Pregnant By Kris Humphries?

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Myla Sinanaj has been pretty quiet regarding her relationship with Kris Humphries (at least publicly) and her alleged pregnancy but now she took to Twitter to dispel come rumors, tweeting, “Uhhh ooooo Loook No babyy bump! #Shocker‬ yes I’m a thick curvy girl *All natural I’m comfortable in my skin.” Sinanaj later added, What because I dont have fake boobs, fake ass, lipo, cellulite & laser treatments I’m fat? Fu*k Yall! I’m natural baby! Worry bout the fake!”

And it looks like Sinanaj it going to be doing a little more talking soon…”I’m getting everyones tweets and I know u guys are 100% right I’m going to clear things. Up out of MY mouth for the 1st time not ‘sources.’ This is something I should have done a long time ago but I thought keeping quiet & ignoring was best but enough is enough I’m doing a Video right NOW that I will Post with the TRUTH out of MY mouth and kill all these ‘sources’ story’s #overIT.”

But if Sinanaj is pregnant Kris Humphries may have to settle in his divorce proceedings with soon to be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

“Kris’ lies have severely damaged his divorce case against Kim Kardashian. If he had just been honest with his lawyer about his relationship with Myla, he wouldn’t be in this position now,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

“Kris is now being advised to settle with Kim and move on. Proving that the marriage was fraudulent, and he got duped into it will be a very, very hard argument to win at trial. Kris is still hell bent on going to trial. He wants to publicly humiliate Kim as much as possible. What Kris doesn’t seem to grasp is that he could end up paying for Kim’s legal fees if the judge rules against him. Kris needs to let go and move on, he says he has done so, but he clearly hasn’t,” the source says.

“Once Myla is formally deposed, the writing will literally be on the wall for Kris to settle. She will be asked about her feelings about Kris’ lawyer tellling the FBI that she was trying to extort him. There will be other details revealed that will further damage Kris’ credibility. Myla didn’t deserve to be treated like this, the sad thing is that she truly loves him, even after all of this,” the insider says.

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